NBPOL is the exclusive producer of commercial sugarcane for domestic consumption in Papua New Guinea. Sugar is manufactured by Ramu Agri Industries (RAI) Ltd operations under the Ramu Sugar household name. We cultivate and source sugarcane from our estates to be processed at RAI's sugar and bioethanol factory. Ramu Sugar creates a range of products. These include natural mill white sugar (used as a sweetener and for cooking) and various other sugars for cooking and baking.
Natural mill white range
A high-grade sugar with a natural light brown colour and slight honey taste. Used as a sweetener and in cooking. 

Several packaging types:
  • Bulk bags (industrial/commercial use) (50 kg)
  • Poly Packs (1 kg, 500 g, 250 g)
  • Paper packs (1 kg)
  • Sachets and sticks (7g, 4g)
Ramu Gold sugar
A high-grade sugar with a soft caramel flavour. Used for desserts, cakes, coffees and sauces.  

Available in:
  • Poly Packs (500 g)
  • Sticks (4 g)
Ramu castor sugar
A natural, fine crystal sugar with a slight honey taste. Used for baking, sauces and dessert toppings.

Available in Poly Packs (500 g)
Ramu soft brown sugar
A smaller fine-grade crystal sugar with a rich caramel flavour. Soft and dissolves easily. Used in general cooking and baking; can be added to fresh fruit.  

Available in Poly Packs (500 g)
Ramu raw sugar
Raw sugar, light golden brown with a mild caramel taste. This type of sugar is not heavily refined and has a higher molasses content, creating a rich, complex flavour. Ideal as a topping for pastries and various desserts. 

Available in: Poly Packs (500g)