Our Workforce

Our employees are predominantly local, with a minimal number of foreign nationals. In addition to our total permanent workforce, we employ apprentices under dedicated schemes to qualify in specific trades. We also employ seasonal workers hired for particular projects and in the high season.
Women in managament

Human Resource development

At NBPOL, we encourage upskilling and providing our employees with career development opportunities. Our talent management strategy applies across our entire operations: from workers in the field to executives and senior management.

NBPOL Management Training Academy

The NBPOL Management Training Academy was established in 2017 to nurture and develop the leadership competency of our staff and train them for managerial positions. The Academy also offers training courses on sustainability, palm oil field and mill processes, and logistics. The centre is equipped with classrooms, a library, accommodation, and other facilities. NBPOL has also set up a talent council to identify employees with potential for further mentoring and development.

NBPOL cadet training programme

NBPOL runs a programme specifically dedicated to training oil palm cadets. We select employees from our PNG oil palm plantations to attend training programmes with a combination of classroom-based theory sessions, on-the-job training, estate assessments and practical research projects. The programme aims to produce and fast track better quality assistant managers for the plantation estates. Upon graduation, cadets will be assessed on their performance and promoted to assistant manager if the position becomes vacant. If you would like to learn more, please contact nbpol.jobs@simedarbyplantation.com