the nbpol foundation

Established in 1997 as a registered charity in Papua New Guinea, the New Britain Palm Oil Foundation was developed to facilitate better health and education outcomes and alleviate poverty in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Since its inception, the foundation has supported local communities through donations and contributions to community-based projects and enhancements to education and health establishments for the communities surrounding the operations across all our sites. The foundation focuses on meeting community needs while seeking to address the priority areas set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Papua New Guinea Vision 2050.

In 2013, the NBPOL Foundation commissioned a Community Baseline Assessment to determine the priority areas. The assessment, conducted by Voluntary Services Overseas on behalf of NBPOL, engaged with over 600 people from 40 communities living within a 10km radius of our sites.

Soon after, NBPOL launched our One-Hour Principle, an initiative to ensure that communities have access to schooling, potable water and health services within a one-hour walk. This objective now forms part of our high carbon stock land-use decision-making process for new developments to ensure NBPOL meets our community needs and avoids deforestation.


Examples of the foundation’s work can be found in the local news, our sustainability reports, and NBPOL Stories.

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