About Us

Our operations at a glance

Oil palm plantations and mills In 2020 our plantations cover 91,100 hectares of oil palm and are based in seven locations; West New Britain, Ramu Valley, Markham Valley, Milne Bay, Poliamba and Higaturu in Papua New Guinea and the Guadalcanal Province of the Solomon Islands. NBPOL also manages approximately 3000 hectares of plantable reserve areas. Around 25% of fruit is supplied by over 17,000 smallholders, and we operate a total of 12 crude palm oil mills, one palm kernel mill and four palm kernel crushers, processing around two million tonnes of Fresh Fruit Bunch annually. All of our crude palm mills and our palm kernel mill have achieved certification against the RSPO standard, all the FFB processed by NBPOL is 100% RSPO certified, including the smallholder production. Four out of seven NBPOL sites are also RA SAS certified.

NBPOL will only process FFB that is compliant with its purchasing policies. Considering that FFB processed by NBPOL originates only from estates managed by NBPOL and smallholders certified under the NBPOL RSPO certificates, the NBPOL supply chain is robust and low risk. NBPOL considers RSPO compliance to be the minimum purchasing requirement. Since 2012 100% of the FFB processed by NBPOL was RSPO compliant. In 2020, 100% of the FFB supply from the own estates and smallholders complied with the NBPOL purchasing policies. All of our mills will have procedures for dealing with non-conforming products for dealing with FFB that is potentially non-compliant with our purchasing requirements. We will never process FFB that is non-compliant with our requirements.

Refineries NBPOL has previously operated two refineries. These have been transferred to Sime Darby Oils and are no longer under the management of NBPOL.

Sugar plantations Ramu Sugar is the only major sugar producer in Papua New Guinea, providing around 80% of all commercially available sugar. Ramu has 5,700 hectares of sugar cane which is processed and refined at our own mill and sold across Papua New Guinea.

Cattle With over 20,000 head of cattle in the Ramu Valley and West New Britain roaming 9,000 hectares, and our own abattoirs, we are Papua New Guinea’s leading commercial producer of high-quality beef.

Oil palm seed Our West New Britain operations are home to Dami Research Station, which delivers over six million world-class seed per year. Dami seed are also produced through joint venture operations in Indonesia and partner agreements in Malaysia and Colombia.