A safe and fair workplace

We adhere to the core labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) to ensure that every employee is treated fairly. Through third-party social impact assessments and our RSPO audits, we constantly monitor these basic conditions.

NBPOL is committed to gender equality but we also recognise that more has to be done at national and corporate levels to improve gender equality. The ratio between the legal minimum wage and the lowest paid worker in all NBPOL operations is 1:1 for both male and female workers. In September 2020 the legal minimum wage in Papua New Guinea was set at PGK 3.50/hour and in the Solomon Islands was determined to be SBD 7.20/hour.

The September 2020 ratio of female and male heads of department is presented in the table below:

Total Male Female
NBPOL Senior Management 14 14 0
Guadalcanal Plains Plantations Ltd. 10 7 3
Higaturu Oil Palms Ltd. 10 9 1
Milne Bay Estates Ltd. 9 6 3
Poliamba Ltd. 6 4 2
Ramu Agri Industries Ltd. 12 12 0
NBPOL WNB Ltd. 14 13 1

NBPOL is one of the largest private sector employers in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. In August 2020, NBPOL has employed close to 22,000 people, including 4,400 temporary employees.

Total Male Female
Guadalcanal Plains Plantations Ltd. 1,242 771 471
Higaturu Oil Palms Ltd. 2,325 1,946 379
Milne Bay Estates Ltd. 3,132 2,315 817
Poliamba Ltd. 1,446 1,113 333
Ramu Agri Industries Ltd. 4,410 3,692 718
NBPOL WNB Ltd. 9,359 7,217 2,142
Total 21,914 17,054 4,860

The health and safety of our employees is of utmost importance for NBPOL. Significant progress has been made over the past 5 years and lost time injuries and the associated severity rate has declined significantly. NBPOL will continue to work on reducing lost time injury rates and continue its efforts to eliminate fatal accidents from its operations.

NBPOL’s Quarterly Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTFIR) results since 2015

NBPOL’s Quarterly Severity Rate (SR) results since 2015

Work-related fatalities that have occurred in NBPOL since 2015

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