Continuous stakeholder engagement

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without critical engagement with stakeholders. NBPOL has developed structured engagements with conservation groups in our areas of operation, especially in Papua New Guinea. Together we open dialogue with local and national groups.

All enquiries by stakeholders are recorded and monitored, resulting in successful resolution of most enquiries. We continuously evaluate and improve our communication tools on which to base our engagement, such as our sustainability reports and as member of The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

In some cases finding a mutually agreed solution takes time. NBPOL maintains records of significant external grievances. The recent cases include:

Party that submitted the grievance Date Nature of the grievance Current status
External 2018 Grievance raised by Landowner Reps of Lake Lalili about drains from the plantation into the lake. Meeting held by clan reps with Sustainability Manager and the Officers at Dami OPRS on 12/11/18 and problem resolved. Closed – Land Use Change Analysis conducted, and results shown to landowners. Water samples are collected monthly to monitor sediment levels from drains.
External 2018 At 4:10pm dated 12/02/18 on Talasea main road. Plantation workers were returning from work, they were confronted by ambushed-armed men. The armed men suspected of holding up PMV passengers’ trucks were caught in between with workers who then retaliated by wounding innocent plantation workers. A few workers who jumped off from the moving tractor and were also wounded with minor scratches. Closed – Matter reported to the police and suspects were arrested. Awareness made to employees about jumping from moving vehicles.
External 2017 Gilson raise a complaint to NBPOL for not or delaying in implementing what had been agreed upon by him and NBPOL Agreement was made for NBPOL to plant his oil palm at his block. Closed – Explained to landowner that there is an NPP requirement for all new oil palm plantings at this stage there has been no new plantings since 2014.
External 2015 Repamira Estate Contractor wrote grievance regarding delay of payment, work been done along Dire, Namova and Dami which their 10 truck did a cartage of gravel from Kumbango crusher. Closed – Cartage paid.
External 2019 Luburua Moxokala Clan Asking for company to confirm the land owner of the jetty. Closed – Poliamba advised them to challenge the district court decision of 1997 in the National Land Court.
External 2016 Sub-division survey was disputed by the Towabie Villagers and stopped. Ongoing – FPIC progress being implemented.

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