Palm oil products

Palm oil is a natural vegetable oil produced from the palm Elaeis Guinees is Jacq. It is grown within a small band of latitude either side of the equator and produces fruit that produces oil that is rich in colour, pure in clarity and is free from cholesterol when processed and refined. It is very popular in markets throughout Europe and Asia where it is mainly used in food preparation and the confectionary manufacturing industries.

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is the primary oil produced by crushing the fruit followed by clarification and drying. The crude oil is then furthered processed and fractionated into the following products:

Refined Bleached & Deodorised Palm Oil: Used for the manufacture of margarines, shortenings, frying fats and ice cream;

Standard & Super Grade Oleins: For packaging and distribution of domestic and commercial cooking oils, manufacture of shortenings and margarine products;

Palm Stearin (Vegetable Fat): Used extensively for the manufacture of food shortenings, margarines and perfumed soap products;

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate: Mainly used for the manufacture of soap products and some food emulsifiers.

Through New Britain Oils Ltd, we operate the world’s first palm oil refinery dedicated to processing certified and traceable graded palm oil. The refinery produces refined palm, olein, stearin and palm kernel oil. From early 2011, we expect to also supply high IV olein and palm-mid-fractions.

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