Supporting and promoting good practices among smallholders

Our policy is to ensure that 100% of our fruit is certified against the RSPO Principles and Criteria by the end of 2010. With almost 8,000 smallholders and outgrowers associated with NBPOL through the supply of fruit to our mills, they are both a core part of our corporate responsibility and crucial in our journey towards sustainability.

At all our operations, smallholders are, in principle, independent. We do not have contracts or require smallholders to sell their fruit to us. However, as in most areas, our mills are the only ones accessible, making our outgrower communities dependent on our demand.

Over the past years, we have increased our focus on the integration of smallholders in our sustainability efforts and are making significant progress. All of our small holders are RSPO compliant. Our Smallholder Affairs offices support smallholders on an ongoing basis, providing advice, assistance in improving practices, and resolving grievances.