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Important notice to NBPOL Shareholders

Sime Darby Plantation has elected to exercise its right under Rule 21(2)(b)(i) of the Takeovers Code to compulsorily acquire all of the NBPOL Shares and Depositary Interests in respect of which holders did not accept the Offer (“Outstanding Shares”).

In accordance with Rule 21(2) of the Takeovers Code, Sime Darby Plantation has today dispatched a notice to the holders of the Outstanding Shares (“Acquisition Notice”) setting out the terms on which the Outstanding Shares will be compulsorily acquired by Sime Darby Plantation. The Acquisition Notice is accompanied by a personalised share transfer form.

Holders of Outstanding Shares are entitled to receive cash consideration of GBP 7.15 or PGK 28.79 per Outstanding Share (“Consideration”) being the same consideration as they were entitled to receive under the Offer. Holders of Outstanding Shares should refer to the Acquisition Notice and accompanying documents for instructions on how to transfer their NBPOL Shares to Sime Darby Plantation and receive payment.

For the full regulatory notice, please click here

Download Sime Darby Letter to NBPOL Holders